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Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what are your appointment hours?

We service the entire Chicagoland area and host consultations in Geneva, Schaumburg and Chicago – Contact Us. If you are planning your event from a distance, or a face to face consultation is not convenient for you, we also offer a webinar option. You can follow along on your computer as we conduct your 15 minute consultation.

Can I get a price quote before making an appointment?

Absolutley! All prices are disclosed on our website and you can get a quote before making an appointment. Please click photo booth price or contact us to speak with a representative. A professional photo booth company should encourage communication, openness, and honesty in all areas. A large number of photo booth companies in the Chicagoland area practice high-pressure and nondisclosure with regard to sales and pricing.  At Photo Booth By Design, we offer an open and honest policy with a refreshing level of customer service.

How long does a consultation last?

A consultation will typically last about 15  minutes. Our goal is to provide you with a detailed outline of the services requested. All information is presented in a low pressure environment to help you decide – is Photo Booth By Design the ‘right fit’ for my event? We do not believe in a high pressure ‘sales’ environment. We want to deliver a concise and meaningful presentation that will allow you to make an informed decision.

What is the deposit and when is the final payment due?

Your deposit is $400 to reserve Photo Booth services and your final payment is due 14 days before your event. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Checks and Cash. You can pay online using your client login, make a payment over the phone – 630.262.1251, or mail payments to:

Music By Design, Ltd.
c/o Photo Booth By Design
P.O. Box 1459
St. Charles, IL 60174-1459

Do you do multicultural weddings?

Yes, we do many multicultural weddings every year. The most important factor when planning a multicultural wedding is communication. The more we understand about your expectations, culture, traditions, and music requirements, the happier you will be.

Do you believe in marriage equality?

Yes we do! Photo Booth  By Design believes that same-sex marriage is a humans rights issue. We feel all couples should have the right to marry and we are your Chicago gay photo booth company offering ceremony music services, uplighting decor, and DJ services.

Do you offer DJ services?

Yes, we do offer DJ services. Learn more at Music By Design.

Do you charge extra for drive time or set up?

No. At Photo Booth By Design, there are no hidden fees.  We do not charge for drive time or set up. Your package price is all inclusive.

Can I visit a wedding and see a photo booth in action?

Absolutely not! Photo Booth By Design is a professional and ethical corporation, it is our responsiblity to maintain the privacy of our clients. It is not our place to invite anyone to your wedding reception or private event. We offer every client the opportunity to meet (before booking) to test a photo booth. Clients can also use our extensive online planning system to ensure they have a completely customized wedding. If a photo booth company allows you to visit one of their events, you can be sure that univited guests will also be attending your wedding or private event.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes. At Photo Booth By Design, we always under book our calendar to ensure we have staff scheduled as backup. If the situation arises, it is important to have backup procedures to ensure the highest quality service. Photo Booth By Design has both backup equipment and attendants prepared for your event.

Do your photo booth attendant’s require a meal?

No thank you. You are not required to purchase your photo booth attendant a meal. If a meal is provided, your photo booth attendant will eat at the photo booth table. At Photo Booth By Design, it is unprofessional to sit and eat with your guests. Furthermore, our photo booth attendant do not drink alcohol or take breaks at your wedding reception.

What time does the photo booth attendant arrive?

Your photo booth attendant will arrive at least 1.5 hours before your first guest. By the time your guests arrive, all equipment will be setup and ready to go. Your photo booth attendant will be neatly dressed and unused gear and bags will be out of sight.

What does the photo booth attendant wear?

Your photo booth attendant will be dressed in business casual. If you prefer specific attire, please let us know.

How many hours do I need to book my photo booth?

Your photo booth package is for up to 6 hours and your photo booth attendant will arrive 1.5 hours before your first guest is scheduled to arrive. Drive time and setup time are always free.

What is your service area?

We service all of Chicagoland.

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